The German Studies Association is the multi- and interdisciplinary association of scholars in German, Austrian, and Swiss history, literature, culture studies, political science, and economics. GSA holds an annual Conference and publishes a scholarly journal – German Studies Review – as well as a Newsletter. Members are generally professors at universities in colleges in North America, although there are several hundred members in Europe and Asia. Membership is open to anyone interested in German studies. GSA is a member of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS).

GSA is a non-profit educational organization which promotes research and study of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The GSA Endowment Fund provides financial support to Association projects, the annual conference, and general operations. Gifts and donations to GSA are tax deductible contributions in the United States and many other countries.

The Conference of the Association is held in the Fall, generally between mid-September and mid-October. About 150 sessions, each with three scholarly papers, a moderator, and a commentator, are distributed among the main research areas of the Association. Papers may be offered in English or German.

German Studies Review , the scholarly journal of the German Studies Association, is published three times each year, in February, May, and October. The journal publishes articles and book reviews in history, literature, culture studies, political science, as well as interdisciplinary topics relating to the German-speaking areas of Europe encompassing primarily, but not exclusively, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Articles and reviews are published in English or German. Each issue contains at least six articles and sixty book reviews. German Studies Review is a journal of first publication, and all submissions are peer-reviewed. German Studies Review is included in Historical Abstracts , Current Contents , Current Geographical Publications , and other indices, and is assigned the acronym GerSR for the MLA International Bibliography . German Studies Review is published by the German Studies Association and Carleton College.

The DAAD Book Prize of the GSA

This prize is funded through the North American office of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and carries an award of $1,000. Under the provision of the DAAD grant, eligibility is restricted to authors who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States and Canada. The prize is awarded under GSA rules by a GSA committee, alternating between the two groups of academic disciplines represented in the Association, and is presented during the banquet of the GSA Annual Conference.

(1) The award for books in the fields of German language and literature, cultural studies, and the humanities is offered in even-numbered years. All books published during the preceding two years are eligible.

(2) The award for books in the fields of history, political science, and other social sciences is offered in odd-numbered years. All books published during the preceding two years are eligible.

Translations, editions, anthologies, memoirs, and books that have been previously published are not eligible.

The Sybil Halpern Milton Memorial Book Prize

This prize of $1,000 is funded by private contributions in honor of the noted historian, archivist, curator, and long-time member of the German Studies Association, Sybil Halpern Milton.

The prize will be awarded annually for the best book dealing with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust in its broadest context, covering every field represented in the association, including history, political science, and other social sciences, literature, art, and photography.

There are no restrictions on the language or type of book, but it must be an original publication. There is also no restriction on the authors’ citizenship or residence.

In a warehouse or on a production line there are some tasks that are merely made easier by machines. One of the most significant instances of this fact is relocating products from one station to the following. Loading a vehicle with your item. You can carry each box individually, but your efficiency will not be where you most likely want it to be. You can handle the workload much better if you are able to get a whole pallet and move it to the vehicle. When an electrical pallet stacker will certainly be most beneficial, this is.

This battery powered walkie stacker can lift 2.0-2.4 tonnes and also offers operator comfort while doing it. It has a cushioned backrest and allows them to "drive" while standing at a 45-degree angle. No person will certainly ever before have to take care of fatigue or have it negatively influence their work day. Our hope is that it will certainly be the only equipment that you will certainly ever before need in your warehouse or storage space

This battery powered pallet truck is designed especially to relocate points from one area to an additional without you having to discharge a pallet. It enables your staff members to move extra item at one time, whether it is just numerous solitary things on one pallet or several products in a number of boxes that are stacked neatly. It could be the distinction in between lugging 2 boxes or twenty at one time. Which would certainly you choose since performance relies upon performance?

When security and also traction issue most, you can feel great in the walkie stacker by It has every little thing you need, consisting of hydraulic lifts, castor wheels, as well as a lot more. A great deal of it is also automatically able to deal with any kind of circumstance. It can brake when the traveling switch is launched and quickly stop movement many thanks to an emergency situation quit switch. When it stops instantly, it will certainly do so in a manner that does not potentially damage the delicate goods that it is bring during that time.

Once you have a flight on pallet vehicle, you will certainly discover limitless reasons to utilize it. It may be that your manufacturing rises since more items are being relocated at once than in the past. It can likewise be that unloading trucks is less complicated now than it ever. The device does all the job. You as well as your employees will just have to inform it where to go following.

Having an electric pallet stacker will certainly supply convenience to the driver when you have a lot of things to relocate. They are ergonomically made and can be run with only one hand. This is because all controls are going to be situated on that single handle. By utilizing a key or a PIN code, the driver can climb on, start the device, and also do the job. On the dash, you will see an electronic display that discloses all info regarding the truck as well as areas for you to save pencils, gloves, and also a lot more.

The electric powered pallet truck does not need gas as well as consequently is practically maintenance totally free. The battery can easily be charged from either side of the machine and it can hold in between 250Ah to 620Ah batteries. The electric motor runs smoothly, and also it is really trustworthy despite just how much usage you put the maker via daily. When your team prepares to work; it will prepare to stay up to date with their demands.

As a security attribute, this walkie stacker avoids drivers from driving it as well quickly or reduce for the lots that it is carrying. It has a top speed of 10km, but it car adapts to accommodate the weight of its lots. It is also really fast when you need to get the job done because it can reach its top speed within just 5 metres. In scenarios where a ramp might be involved, the driver will constantly remain in control. When you struck the essential or put in the code, you can park it on a ramp and never fret that it will roll.

Looking for your very own company place is a tough job. You might become aware of a location that seems best, yet then you arrive and also understand it is not what you were hoping for or possibly you do not find out about it and then it is preceded you have a chance to discover it. This does not need to be your problem any longer. There are means to discover information about readily available areas that supply workplace rental Singapore Are you prepared to find what your alternatives may be?

You will not have to wait to ask for help from a real estate agent when you are prepared. Individuals who deal with workplace rental Singapore are there for you. They desire for you to be in the workplace that you have actually constantly envisioned yourself in. As a result, you and also your firm are their leading concern. In business globe, every person needs to function as a team. The realty offices in Singapore can come to be a part of your team if you will certainly allow them. As an included incentive, when everything is said and also done, everybody will be happy.

There are large workplaces with a bird’s-eye view of close-by rivers and parks. Some offices may even neglect the beach. You can have a workplace that comes all set for you to move in, including basic home furnishings. There are some workplaces that are completely furnished and also reasonably tiny. This can help a brand-new service get ahead since they will not have to worry way too much concerning the expenditure of lease incorporated with office needs. You can just ask a realty agent what your options are when you inform them that you want to think about an office rental Singapore: Office Space For Rent in Singapore – Citicommercial

There is no restriction to the opportunities when you take into consideration office rental Singapore. Some individuals are stunned by how easy it is to discover that excellent location. The place that they can make their own. Also those who are only a local business that is just starting out and attempting to make a name for themselves can pay for to rent out space. There are organisations that are hardly more than a home based company and they function right along close to developed organisations that have already made a name for themselves.

Due to a lot of companies capitalizing on an office rental Singapore, there is an unlimited opportunity for you to discover an area for your business that is precisely where you would want for it to be. You can set up an organisation near one of one of the most prominent transport routes or pick a location that is closest to your home. To discover what is available, you might want to include the help of a company that deals mainly with business home rentals.

An excellent real estate professional understands that your company is your top priority. They additionally recognize that without their assistance, you may not have an office that functions the means you need it to. As a result, they make it their work to ensure that you are definitely satisfied which all of your dreams are fulfilled. They work hard to keep up to day on available offices and more. By doing this, if you are ever before seeking an additional office rental Singapore, you might go back to them.

Singapore is special in the fact that it is a constantly altering setting. Businesses open, companies grow and also alter, they relocate into workplaces and then the firm may move out of it. A lot of all of it is budget friendly as long as you recognize where to try to find it. You can look midtown at one of the numerous high-rise areas or you can set up your company in a structure that is only a couple stories high.

When you reach a realtor you can tell them where you want to be. If you have a need to be near the Payoh Lorong 8 bus quit, not a problem. There are workplaces for rent within a five-minute walk of there. The same can be stated for the Tampines MRT station where there are offices within a ten-minute walk. It is this way throughout all of Singapore You merely choose an area and there will be something within that area available to you.

It is feasible to locate every little thing for your residence to make it genuinely feel like a home to you when you see discount furniture stores in Singapore. There is an excellent piece for your house out there. Probably it is something that you have always wanted and also never ever been able to find. Perhaps it is something that you didn’t also realize that you wanted, but it calls to you. Also if it is inaccessible for sale today, tomorrow you may discover it at a rate you can pay for, also if you have a limited budget to deal with.

If the ordinary rate of an end table is a grand or more, how could you possibly afford to redecorate a whole living location? The very same is true in every other space in your home. Luckily, there is a furniture sale in Singapore at taking place right now. This sale can possibly cut your expense of revamping by fifty percent on certain items. Can you find a factor to not make use of the price cuts that are offered to you?

The adjustments you make to your residence can begin in the living room, but it can include your room or any type of other room that requires a little TLC. You do not have to compromise a great night’s sleep since your bed room is disordered as well as uninviting. You do not have to avoid inviting visitors over since your living room furniture is also old to be comfy, currently. An inexpensive furnishings sale in Singapore can alter the means your residence really feels, looks, and also conveniences.

Seeing a furnishings store can be a great deal of fun. There are so many brand-new designs of furnishings waiting on you to find them. The furniture that is offered currently varies from contemporary to typical. It can assist you have more area by being double function. It can aid you get organized and also remain arranged. No area in your home for a spare room for visitors, no worry. A sleeper sofa will enable you to welcome others over and make themselves in your home for an evening or two so that they can appreciate the home you have actually created virtually as much as you do.

A home without furniture is absolutely nothing more than an empty space. Nonetheless, as every person who has actually checked into furnishings can inform you, furniture is not something that is simple to pay for. You can erase a savings account quickly on a single room in your home, which is choosing performance over its style. Discount rate furnishings shops in Singapore make it easy to have high quality, price, and elegance. You just need to determine what you like one of the most.

Are you prepared to see what your dream residence can absolutely end up being? Seek a low-cost furniture sale in Singapore and the rest will collaborate for you in ways that you can not think of at this time. You will certainly also have the ability to do it on a budget that satisfies your needs, even if it does take you a little time to offer each area in your home a remodeling. The end outcome will be that you will absolutely be able to claim that residence is where your heart remains in every way.

Discount furnishings stores in Singapore assists individuals take a home as well as make it a residence. You can browse through the furnishings styles anytime that you have a spare minute to do so online or you can travel to a store to see if it truly does fit your convenience requires. Eventually, you will find the things you enjoy, the designs you desire, and also the furnishings that you can not live without.

Your residence has a specific feeling. It is recognizable to you and also all that stroll right into it. Does your residence feel out-of-date or cluttered? Your home furnishings can be triggering you to really feel stressed out and claustrophobic. Instead of this, why not buy discounted furniture that can assist you make your home much more comfortable and also inviting? It can make the stress of the day disappear a little simpler.

Imagine just how much quicker your workers would certainly have the ability to take a raw product from starting to end if they do not need to count on moving every individual item to the following station. Chances are great, you might raise everyday manufacturing just by having a machine that can do the hefty training. Supply trucks would be much easier to dump. Moving items from the back of the shop to the front can end up being headache free. All you need to do is depend on the pallet truck as well as let it do the hefty lifting.

An electrical powered pallet stacker could potentially be the only equipment that you will ever before need for transporting things within your warehouse or storage area. It does every little thing that a forklift can do as long as you do not need exceptionally high lifts. It can conveniently carry 2.0-2.4 tonnes and makes it seem easy. Your operator will delight in a comfy, cushioned backrest, as well as having the ability to stand at a 45-degree angle, which will make certain that they do not suffer with exhaustion. What a lot more could you desire on your product production line or in your warehouse?

This electric powered pallet stacker has a vertical battery that can be charged from either the left or ride side of the device. It likewise suits a wide variety of batteries. You can safely make use of 250Ah to 620Ah batteries without problem for the delicate working parts of this device. This battery also powers a smooth, very trustworthy electric motor, to make sure that when every person is all set to function; it will certainly be prepared. It is virtually maintenance free, despite just how much you utilize it.

You can anticipate astonishing security as well as grip with this stand-on pallet vehicle. It features an electronically regulated hydraulics to raise products, castor wheels to aid it move around, and also much more. When employee safety and security matters, this device can do its component. When the operator launches the traveling switch, it immediately brakes. If they uncover that they remain in a negative location, they can also use the emergency situation stop button, which will promptly quit the movement of the truck without harming the products that are onboard.

An electric pallet stacker is ergonomically made for one hand procedure. All of the main controls are incorporated right into a solitary joystick deal with and it has a digital screen that you can read with only a glance. It is likewise regulated by either an ignition trick or a PIN code for ease of usage by lots of people. On-board, you can also keep every little thing that may be required for an effective day, including: pens or pencils, gloves, paper, and much more. It ends up being a workstation that your workers will certainly enjoy to take along with them.

A powered pallet stacker is designed to aid you move sometimes extremely heavy pallets of products from one area to one more without moving supply items from one pallet to an additional. You merely stand on the maker as well as lift the whole pallet of inventory. Then you carry the pallet to its following resting place until it is needed. Your pallet might have numerous different boxes that are piled in addition to each other or it might merely be a big product that no one intends to bring by hand. In either scenario, you will be happy you have located a method to make it much easier.

On assembly line and also in many warehouse circumstances; there is normally a lot of lifting and walking from one location to an additional. The lots does not always have to be hefty, but an individual can not lug more than a couple of boxes at once. Many companies use a forklift which can bring pallets. In small areas they may not be practical and with lighter items, may not be effective at helping to minimize the work load of your workers. This is why many business choose an electrical pallet stacker. They give the lift you need and a lot more convenience than asking workers to deliver a single thing all day long.

Remainder ensured that this electrical pallet stacker can maintain up if you are worried regarding staff members going too slow or also quick for it to be productive. It gets to a full throttle of 10km within just 5 metres. With every one of its forward power, you can expect it to never ever roll back, also if you are starting it on a likely location. This means you can park it on a ramp, do what you need to do, and also get back on without blowing up of the device.

You can ask a specialist for the best cost effective house improvement deal they have readily available. You can not obtain much easier than that. All it takes is a phone call as well as a couple of ideas. The remainder will certainly be simple and soon you will certainly be strolling right into the house you likewise felt you should have.

In our viewpoint, everyone deserves to have a glamorous residence. At the very least to them. A residence that meets their requirements. A home that feels homey to that person or that family. There is a means for you to obtain the most effective affordable renovation offer by It does not matter whether your concept of luxury is overstuffed conventional design furnishings or contemporary styles. You can direct the residence renovator in the best direction, as well as they will manage ensuring it meets your individual style.

How much would you appreciate getting back at the end of a long tough day to a warm inviting house? Maybe you merely desire an area to present your treasures. Those little keepsakes that most of us gather as the years go by. They can have a space in your newly remodelled space. You just have to browse as well as discover the best budget-friendly residence remodelling bargain available in Singapore. The rest will form and also you will certainly have a spot for every little thing you treasure.

How usually have you desired you could transform something in your home and really felt that it was likely also pricey to take on? Most people prevent house restorations figuring it will certainly take too wish for them to do it themselves or that it is also expensive to employ a person. The truth is that any individual can employ somebody to tackle renovations. There are budget plan friendly options for most people. You can have the open idea home you have constantly wished for. When you were handed the tricks to it, their task is to help you love your residence as much today as you did.

A house ought to be a location that expresses who you are. Your worths, your personality. It should fulfill your assumptions in every method. Frequently, people do not understand that coming residence to a messy mess will certainly make them feel extra worried in their day-to-day life. It holds true. By having an imperfect for you home, you are losing out on the true elegance of having a room that is excellent for your family members. Which would you instead come residence to?

When you talk to one of the most suggested affordable renovation in Singapore, they can assist you create your dream residence, whether it is simply an entire restoration or a single room. After you provide a telephone call, they will certainly ask a great deal of questions to learn what you desire in your house. They will then try to create a room that will fulfill your expectations as well as hopes. Big, full space remodels or open floor plans are as much within your reach as anything else you might want. What are your hopes for your home?

We understand you dream for your house. Everyone does. By choosing one of the most advised renovation professional in Singapore, you can have it. You can change up the little shower room in your home. The one that nobody wishes to utilize due to the fact that it is dark as well as little. Include more illumination, brighter colors, and other accents that can optimize the room. Desire a bed room that you can really kick back in? Not a problem. There are simple things that can be done to make it an area you dislike to leave. Recessed lighting, a platform for your bed, a seating location or a fire place. You call it. The renovation experts can make it occur.

What does home suggest to you? For lots of people, it is their location to avoid real life problems. It is a "safe-space" that enables us to kick off our shoes and run about in whatever is most comfortable. This is what a house must be. Nonetheless, there are other individuals that stroll in their house and also really feel that it is just a place to be. Bad or not excellent, just a place. If you are among the people that seem like residence ought to be more, we prompt you to consider the affordable renovation provider in Singapore. They understand exactly how to make a residence a residence.

Safeguarding an event room service can possibly conserve you a great deal of frustrations. Let’s claim you are hosting a honors event for pupils that have actually succeeded over the in 2015 in your classroom or on your little organization group. You could organize the event in the classroom, or at your home if it is just most likely to be the children. Nonetheless, suppose they wish to bring their parents? Their grandparents? Siblings? You could quickly end up with 50 or more extra individuals in attendance. Do you have that sort of room or will everyone be rubbing arm joints?

Wedding celebrations can be held in a big amphitheater. Some have the ability to hold virtually 650 people at maximum capacity. This ought to make it simple for you to fit a visitor listing of 500 when you understand that a person will likely bring more individuals than they initially said that they would bring. They can also be enhanced the manner in which you want. Guests can sit in comfy chairs that are divided to develop an aisle. The bride can walk toward the groom, who is waiting up on the stage or platform. Oaths can be spoken through microphones that permit all of your guests to hear it.

Suppose your anticipated presence is not big enough to have a whole auditorium reserved for your unique event? In this situation, you are still not without choices. There are smaller sized venue rental areas for you to consider. These workshops can holding up to 120 people. They might offer video clip or media recording choices. This is a suitable option for smaller groups of people, perhaps an extra intimate ceremony. A smaller wedding event, marking a god-parent, whatever the situation might be. For companies, this might additionally be the optimal alternative. In either case, you can anticipate a high-quality sound system and also aesthetic help if they are needed.

You do not require to take into consideration amphitheater rental in Singapore to be just where plays and performances are organized. It can be made use of for these objectives. The areas that are readily available now might not even have fixed seats, which indicates that chairs or tables can be included and also moved as needed to suit your requirements.

An event hall leasing may look like a lot of lost room, yet truly it is not. The fact is, it offers you as well as your visitors room to breathe. They are large enough to allow you to spread out. Many also have superior sound systems set up to make certain that all of your guests can be heard if they choose to make a speech. Some likewise give aesthetic systems to make discussions much easier to present.

An venue rental offers room when you require it the most. Many likewise supply specific extras that you may appreciate as the event takes place. A coffee lounge where your visitors can mingle if the organisation seminar takes place to run a little bit longer than planned. An organizer that will help you make strategies regarding the event and likewise be there to aid you on that particular day. This will certainly additionally take a great deal of stress off of you. Can you consider a factor to not make use of it?

If you genuinely think about it, auditoriums have been made use of for many years to organize a variety of convocations. College graduation events, high hall conferences, and also various other official celebrations. If you do not have easy access to your own amphitheater, you will want to find one. Leasing it will make it less complicated for you to have space, without the expenditure of building one for single time usage.

There are times when you just require even more space than what you have. These occasions might consist of business seminars, supper celebrations, or various other types of occasions where you might have a big visitor listing. Before you attempt to get rid of the office or redesign your space, why rule out an venue rental in Singapore? It can provide you with all the space that you require, a location for guest audio speakers to talk and be listened to, as well as so much more.

The newest fad in visitor beds is the sofa bed Singapore It is a practical furniture piece that you can appreciate when there are no house visitors around and also it provides the visitors a comfy night’s rest when you have a houseful. Because the new sectional sleeper sofa have the ability to split up as well as be moved as required, it likewise suggests that when you are guest totally free, you can make use of one solitary couch as a sofa, chair, loveseat, chaise lounge or whatever you need for it to be.

Choosing a best sofa Singapore by etch&bolts, is simple. You can search in on the internet furniture shops or your local stores. Ultimately, you will certainly discover the one that you feel most comfy with owning. You will certainly discover one that does not use up way too much area, matches your decor, as well as both sits and also rests pleasantly. You just need to choose it is time for your visitors to be comfortable when they visit you.

If you do not have area in your house for a sectional that functions as a sleeper sofa, never ever fear. The conventional sofa beds are still offered. The good news is; they are more comfortable than the beds that were developed years back. Some of them have thicker bed mattress as well as much less steel bars. They are trendy pieces of furniture that sit easily. Turning them into a bed is simple and also putting the mattress back right into the bed is very easy also.

If you have constant visitors who remain at your home and also you actually are uncertain you intend to have actually a full sized sleeper sofa to walk around when it is time to tidy under furniture, you still have options. Many people still utilize a typical futon as their sleeper sofa Singapore. A futon is a couch that just puts down into a bed. When early morning comes, you raise the side and press a little. The sofa will instantly form. They are constructed from wood or metal, have a thick bed mattress pad, and are really comfortable according to lots of people.

When you have site visitors from out of community over and need a bed for them to sleep on, things can become a little tricky. You are often stuck relocating kids out of their room, investing cash to put guests in a hotel for the night, or having your guests sleep on the floor. None of these choices are actually great. Even if you have a blow up cushion or something like that, it is still not going to fit for them. That is why, if you have household that can be found in periodically to go to with you, you need to think about a best sofa Singapore.

When you think about a searching for a sofa bed Singapore, you possibly envision that couch that is bulky as well as a layer out bed that is much from comfortable. There are those sorts of beds available. They appear like a couch and also a lot of them rest pretty well. When you open it up to utilize the bed, you discover a thin bed mattress that has bars all down it. This definitely is not a comfy bed that you want to place your guests on. That is why the new sleeper sofa are different.

A new best sofa Singapore is inexpensive. They are offered in a selection of colors as well as patterns to guarantee that it is a furniture that harmonizes the remainder of your decoration. Many supply a dual bed sized resting surface area and also typical sheets do fit well. For any individual who has actually ever before owned an older style sleeper sofa, this is great information. In the past, regular sheets wouldn’t stay in area very well.

A brand-new style sofa bed is generally a sectional couch. Keeping that, a great deal of people do make use of sectionals for visitor beds because they are usually long enough on one location for an adult to sleep pleasantly. The brand-new sofas however, have a lounge chair type area on them. Most of them have different items of a couch that can transform form to fit the needs of a house visitor. They may have an ottoman that is a huge square, supported area that coincides height as the sofa to make sure that guests can extend on it as opposed to using up the entire sectional.

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